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Three awesome accessories for your F-150

Tuesday, January 20th 2015. | Ford F-150, Reviews
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There are some great accessories out there for the Ford F-150, whether it is a brand spanking new 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum edition or a 1998 Ford F-150 XL. Today I’ve highlighted an LED upgrade for your interior and exterior lights, which even in the 2014 F-150 are still comprised of traditional incandescent bulbs and after that we’ve got a couple of products for the campers/hunters/adventurers among you. The latest crop of F-150’s, especially top-of-the-line ones are packed with comfort and utility features that just weren’t commonplace, in some cases as little as 2 or 3 years ago. See below if you may find any of these 3 accessories useful for your pickup truck.

1) Exterior and Interior LED Kit

For just under $30 this is an awesome kit for 2009 through 2014 Ford F-150’s. It’s hard to believe, but as little as 2 years ago the F-150 was still using traditional bulbs for its lighting. This kit includes the LED bulbs you’ll need to replace dome lights, map light, cargo lights and reverse lights for a total of 11 lights. The page is a little misleading whether this applies to 2014 model year trucks, but I found in the comments that it should work on those as well. Which makes sense, as the F-150 wasn’t redone till the 2015 model year (which makes extensive use of LED’s). I think my favorite thing about LED’s is the instant on/off versus more of a slightly more gradual on/off cycle on traditional bulbs. But the biggest benefit is probably that they are a brighter and whiter light, making them more use-able that traditional bulbs. Click here for more details.

2009 - 2014 Ford F-150 Interior and Exterior LED kit

2009 – 2014 Ford F-150 Interior and Exterior LED kit


2) Air Mattresses Designed for Truck Beds

An awesome product for those of you that enjoy camping is this air mattress that has cut outs for the wheel wells in a truck bed. Even though the product page states this is for 6-6.5ft beds, it will work for those of you with 5.5ft beds if you are willing to have the tailgate down while you sleep. Which if you decide to pair this with a truck-bed attachable tent tailgate would be down anyway. This would be awesome for growing families that need to create another sleeping spot for camping trips or for those of you that would benefit from having your sleeping spot off of the ground. This works great with just about any truck bed, it will even work with non-Ford trucks! Haha.

Truck Bed Air Mattress

Truck Bed Air Mattress

3) Truck Bed Mounted Tents

This product came up a a natural follow-up to our last product. A Truck bed mounted tent can be convenient in so many cases. Your campsite will be nice and compact, you can easily drive your campsite to another spot, your tent will be off the ground which is great in cases where you are concerned with excessive rain water, animals/insects or you just plain like the idea of being up higher when you sleep. This link will take you to a page with plenty of options to choose from, even though most of the products seem to feature a Chevy in their picture, these tents will work just as well with a Ford F-150. Just be sure to find one that works with your truck-bed-length. As with any of these products I encourage you to read through the wealth of knowledge contained in user reviews.

2014 Ford F-150 XTR 4x4 Truck Bed Mounted Tent

2014 Ford F-150 XTR 4×4 Truck Bed Mounted Tent

Update (4/20/2015): Click here for our latest product spotlight!


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