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Thoughts on F-100 Rumors

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | 2013 Ford F-150, 2014 Ford F-150, Administrative, Ford Ranger

With fuel efficiency being one of the key concerns of car manufacturers these days, it was only natural for rumors to arise regarding Ford making a smaller version of the F-150. These rumors stated that Ford was looking to produce a smaller, more fuel efficient truck appropriately named the F-100 to be produced in the same plant as the F-150. What strengthened these rumors further was the discontinuation of the Ford Ranger. Ford enthusiasts started predicting a new truck that was around 10 percent smaller than the F-150 with the usual range of engines.

Unfortunately, Ford has not confirmed these rumors regarding the Ford F-100. Instead, Ford is looking to lighten the F-150 further for more fuel efficiency with the help of lighter materials. However, considering Fords strategy for the American market, I don’t think we’ll see an F-100 anytime soon. Ford did once produce a truck called the F-100 back in the 50s. The only way I could conceive seeing the F100 name come back is if the Global Ranger gets rebadged as an F-100 for the American market. But like we said Ford is looking to meet all of America’s truck needs with the F-150 alone.


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