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New 2016 Bronco Rumors are False

Sunday, March 8th 2015. | News

Despite Ford having renewed its patent on the Bronco name, there will be no new Bronco. Or at least not in the near future, Ford is simply keeping their options open at this time, that’s all it is at this point. I wouldn’t completely rule it out though, with Ford bringing out several new performance models over the next couple of years, like the 2017 Raptor, 2016 Ford GT and the new Fiesta RS, it certainly is a possibility that the new Bronco will could become part of that performance-car portfolio. But to quote Ford:

“While Ford values the iconic Bronco name and history, there are no current plans for a new Bronco.”

2005 Ford Bronco Concept

2005 Ford Bronco Concept

Here is what Ford filed on 2/26/2015:

BRONCO (as related to) Automobiles; trucks; vehicle parts for automobiles, namely, shock absorbers, shock absorbing springs, vehicle anti-roll bars, braces for suspension struts, exterior metal decorative and protective trim, exterior plastic extruded decorative and protective trim, differentials, gear shifts, hoods, fascia, steering wheels, seat trim, parking brakes, wheels, brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, engines, engine or motor mufflers, exhaust pipes, exhaust headers, air intakes, oil fill caps, coolant fill caps, engine valve covers, ignition coil covers, radiators, and exterior insignia badges.

2005 Bronco Concept Grill with Winch

2005 Bronco Concept Grill with Winch

Automakers do this all the time, they like to keep their patents alive, just in case they want to bring a certain vehicle type back. GM does the same thing with the HUMMER trademark. The closest we got was the concept Ford teased us with in 2005. While it’s not likely anytime soon, I hope someday this will become a reality. The Raptor is an awesome baja style desert racer, but I’d love to see Ford giving Jeep a run for their money on the trails.

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