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MyFord Touch (MFT) Overview

Friday, December 7th 2012. | 2013 Ford F-150, Reviews

The MyFord Touch is an in-car communication and entertainment system that Ford offers with its cars. This in-built ‘infotainment’ system has several features that are designed to perform a large number of functions; from providing entertainment while in the car to making driving safer and more convenient, the MyFord Touch system has become a much sought after feature in Ford vehicles. The system allows its users to seamlessly connect their mobile phones, PDAs or music devices to it through Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB ports. Once connected to the system, you can access music on your device, make calls and even receive texts and have them read by the system through voice commands, controls placed on the steering wheel and buttons on the touch screen that comes with the system.  Other features in the system include traffic alerts, navigation assistance, a vehicle health report that helps maintain the car itself, 911 assist that automatically calls 911 when there is a collision, internet connectivity with full Wi-Fi capability and so on. The system, as should be clear by now, comes loaded with features and aims to make driving a better experience.

The luxury models of the Ford F-150 series trucks will receive Ford’s Sync system as standard (MyTouch is an expansion of the Synch system). Ford’s Sync will be accompanied by a 4.2 inch screen mounted on the middle of the dashboard. In the high-end models, namely Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and the Limited model, Ford will also include the MyFord Touch system that will be accompanied by an impressive 8 inch screen. The Sync system along with MyFord Touch will provide the driver with a wide range of functions a lot of which have been mentioned above. Moreover, the screen will be designed in a way that will allow truck drivers to operate the touch screen smoothly even when wearing gloves.

Unfortunately, since its introduction, the Ford’s infotainment system has received its fair share of criticisms (see consumer reports). Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, Sync and MyFord Touch have been deemed to be difficult to use and even unreliable. However, Ford is keen on improving its infotainment system. They have made the new system such that it is easier for car owners to upgrade their software. Other notable improvements include faster response from the system, simpler interface of the touch screen along with bolder text, better voice recognition capability, better compatibility with devices including tablet computers and Audible audiobooks and improved navigation maps and destination entry. So aside from some annoyances early on Ford customers can be confident that the system is thoroughly supported by Ford and Microsoft.


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