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Lawsuit filed against Ford’s EcoBoost

Three owners of Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost equipped vehicles have banded together to sue Ford. One of the plaintiffs has an F-150, the other two have a Ford Taurus SHO. They are experiencing a loss of power of which the cause has been determined to be moisture in the intercooler. In addition to that I’ve read there have been “dozens” of complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

At the end of the day I am not willing to take this very seriously, 3 people? That’s nothing compared to the millions of EcoBoost equipped vehicles Ford has sold. On top of that, what does “dozens of complaints” really mean? Two dozen is the same as 24, I still don’t find that to be very many in comparison to the millions of Ecoboosts sold. The percentage of failures is such a small number it is practically negligible. I of course do hope that people experiencing these troubles get their problems resolved quickly and permanently.

UPDATE: This problem has been acknowledged by Ford, for 2011-2012 fix/tsb click here and for the 2013-2014 fix/tsb click here.

UPDATE 2 (2/13/2015): For some of you the aforementioned TSB’s still don’t completely solve problems, read more here for possible solutions.

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  • Worried FORD Owner

    First off it’s NOT just THREE. There are 100’s others. It just so happens three have been noted. We happen to have the 2011 F150, the first year they were introduced with this engine. (we ordered it) We have had several instances of the “lurching” cutting out, “lag Mode” loss of power. Most recently yesterday & today. The sheild “fix” DID NOT work, we had it installed 8/14 after a horrifying incident of passing a semi on a 2 lane highway with our Son & his girlfriend in the back on the way to the airport. We could have been hit head on, side-swiped or rear ended by the semi or a combination of all three. Most Owners do not know who to contact other than the dealer who just gives them the run around or the “band aid fix” hoping to move on, let alone there is a class action suit. Most consumers are notified when a product they buy is involved in a suit “you may be entitled to a sum of…” Truth is FORD doesn’t know how to fix the issue. Today we were told it is fowled plugs. It’s time FORD stop “band aiding” with our LIVES! They need to anty up before some ends up stalled in the middle of a lane and looses their life because of it.

    • Owen

      I’m sure at this point it’s well known to anyone that there are more than 3 people having trouble with this, this article is almost 2 years old. I agree that it must be terrifying to experience a loss of power when facing head-on traffic. I think I’d be looking into catch-cans, as much as it sucks to not get satisfaction from Ford in the form of a definitive fix. Another option could be to take it to a different dealership, a fresh set of eyes can’t hurt.