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Ford takes back max HD towing lead for 2013

Friday, October 19th 2012. | 2013 Ford Super Duty, News

It has been quite a while since GM bested Ford with best in class towing with its HD, Super Duty, pickup truck. Some expected retaliation sooner. Hot on the heels of besting Dodge in v6 light duty towing, Ford now announced best in class HD towing with its Dualie F-350. Bare in mind that these numbers are not SAE certified and won’t be until Ford releases it’s next generation heavy duty truck, but that doesn’t make these towing numbers any less mind boggling.

The Ford reclaims top HD-towing with a 1500 pound increase in towing capacity on its F-350 Dualie model, going from 17,000 pounds to a staggering 18,500 pounds. Payload is up a modest 100 pounds to 7,260 pounds. These numbers are best in class for now as Dodge still has to release their numbers, we await anxiously!

Ford engineers did not achieve these numbers by strengthening the frame or update springs, coils or chassis related bits. Ford engineers determined it was the brakes that needed the upgrade, so all Ford HD trucks will now come with bigger brakes along with a retuned brake booster for improved “brake-feel”. These bigger brakes will help dissipate heat better on long downhill grades. As for parking hills? Ford put in a bigger parking brake. As we get more details on the 2013 Ford Super Duty’s we’ll be sure to update you!


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