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Ford SVT Raptor, a Chinese Status Symbol

Monday, November 19th 2012. | 2013 Ford F-150, Ford F-150 Raptor, News

According to Detroit news, wealthy Chinese people are looking to Ford’s SVT Raptor to make a statement. It seems supercars in the traditional sense of the word (think Ferrari, Lamborghini etc) are falling short of their goal of impressing those around them. They feel the impressive height, wide stance and overall mean looks of the Raptor fit the bill of wowing their friends. Speaking of bill’s, Raptor’s sell for about 4 times as much in China as they do here. To the tune of $145,000! With used one’s going for a hefty $109,000. These prices aren’t the impressive markup that Ford is able to command, it is just very costly to import cars to China, it isn’t illegal, but it isn’t easy either.

It seems the F150 based Raptor has become the new Hummer in China. The Hummer H1, but also H2 and H3’s were popular status symbols. Now we all know that Hummer’s are a thing of the past, so the Raptor has filled the gap. Quite impressively, we might add.

Ford certainly has found a halo-car in an unexpected place, even here in the US. But in the all-important and ever-growing Chinese car market I reckon it is very important for Ford’s Desert racer to be seen as something of a hal0-car so they can draw attention to the rest of their line up of trucks and cars alike. The Raptor grill certainly should help to draw attention to the Ford name.


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