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Ford F-150 vs 2014 Silverado

Thursday, January 3rd 2013. | 2013 Ford F-150

Happy new year F-150 Blog readers! Toward the end of last year Chevy released their new 2014 Silverado and Sierra, how do we at Ford F-150 Blog think it stacks up? Rather well in our opinion. The first thing that stands out to me is Chevy’s new truck bed features. It includes improved hooks, LED lighting and a bumper integrated step. Ford can easily compete here with a few simple upgrades, should they so choose. It isn’t anything major, but just a few things that stand out right away, in a strictly visual manner.

2013 Ford F-150

Chevy has not released engine torque or horsepower numbers, in turn that means no mileage numbers are available yet either. As far as Ford is concerned they introduced their all new engine line-up already and it should be very competitive with Chevy’s offerings. Competitive is a key-word there though, because currently Chevy’s engines hardly stack up to all the new tech in Ford’s line-up. But their new engines will change that, so Ford will have to watch closely.

2013 Ford F-150 Lariat EcoBoost Badge

Finally we move on to the interior, Ford has already satisfied the latest rage for “infotainment” systems, in fact they are somewhat of a forerunner for it through their partnership with Microsoft they have been offering a system for quite some time now. Ford has also upgraded their Sync/MyFordTouch system for the 2013 model year, so they should be very competitive there too.

2013 Ford F-150 Lariat MyFordTouch MFT Interior

We’ll know more when GM releases engine, towing and hauling specifications just how closely the Silverado and Sierra will compete with the F-150. We’ll also be looking to confirm rumors of a 2015 F-150 at the Detroit car show.

UPDATE: We revisit this article now that we have more details available about Chevy’s new engine, click here to read.


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