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Ford Dinged Badly in Consumer Reports Reliability

Wednesday, October 31st 2012. | Administrative, News

Consumer reports has dinged Ford very badly in its latest reliability survey. The automaker has fallen down to 27th out of 28 total automakers included in this survey. That is a 7 spot drop since last years survey. We assume it is mostly due to Sync and/or MyFordTouch. I have to admit I haven’t personally logged very many driving hours with Ford’s Sync system. But as far as I can tell from testing driving the 2013 F-150, Taurus and Fusion, the system was an absolute pleasure to use. The addition of to information displays around the speedometer for instance, was a very good addition in my opinion. I was able to quickly and easily control anything from mpg display, xm radio, cd’s and my cellphone all from just the steering wheel. On top of that one of my relatives has been driving a 2012 Focus for over 6 months now and I haven’t heard a single complaint.

Now with the system being one of the most advanced in vehicles today, I expect there may be some bugs. But if I am able to go on several test drives in which I thoroughly enjoyed the sync system, how bad could they really be? On top of that with reports from friends and family that all enjoy the system. I have to question Consumer Reports’ conclusion here. Come back soon for a more in-depth look at the latest on Ford’s Sync!

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