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Ford Confirms New 5 Cylinder Diesel For North America

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Ford Ranger, Ford Transit

This is big news for us Americans as all we’ve seen from Ford as far as Diesels go is heavy duty applications. Ford has confirmed that we will be getting a 5 cylinder diesel with 347 ft lb’s of torque and 197 hp. It is currently available in the Global Ranger, we will however be getting it in the new T-Series or Transit utility van (not to be confused with the Transit Connect). This engine sounds quite impressive, it is rated at 28 mpg average in the Ranger, with many reporting as much as 35 mpg!

It will be called the Duratorq (which is a name the rest of the world should already be familiar with) and it will displace 3.2 liters. It is expected to be compatible with B20 biodiesel. In addition to the Duratorq, Ecoboost will also be available for the Transit van.

With various manufacturers announcing diesel offerings for their products, it sounds like Ford thought that even they should hop on the bandwagon. I am slightly disappointed it’s for a commercial type vehicle, but I’m hoping this opens the door to Ford adding diesel to more of their line-up.

Update: Some sources are reporting this as a Powerstroke for the American market. So it seems this Duratorq could be referred to as a baby 3.2 liter Powerstroke. I suppose it would make sense as it is a name the American market is familiar with. I’m happy either way!


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