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Air Intakes; 2011-2014 3.5 EcoBoost F-150’s

There are several benefits for have an air intake in a truck particularly if one has 2011-2014 F-150 truck which is equipped with a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. Air intakes can make the turbo’s a whole lot more audible, increase performance and have been argued to improve fuel economy. Moreover, the truck owner can increase the truck’s torque and horsepower by coupling this with a PCM tune of choice, read more on that here. As a result, the air intake kit is a great upgrade for a truck. Due to this and other benefits, the sale of air intakes for F-150 trucks with 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine has sharply increased. The following three air intakes are very popular nowadays:

aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R Intake System

aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R Intake System


aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R Intake System

The aFe Power 54-12192 is strictly manufactured in the USA. It is the most expensive of the 3 listed here, but it also outperforms the other 2. This air intake system outflows the factory intake by 44% due to its unique dual plumbing/tubing design, and it produces impressive gains up to 32 horsepower and 35 ft-lb’s of torque. The system has equal length intake tubes for increased velocity and air flow. It also includes dual 360 degree Pro 5R 5 layer oiled air filters.

According to customer reviews this is the one to get if you’d like to hear your turbo’s sucking and hissing as you accelerate and decelerate. We’d recommend the S&B air intake, if you don’t want to hear more turbo noises. In addition people have also indicated that throttle response is immediate with this intake.

Some customers complained that the sizing of the clamps on the aFe Power 54-12192 air intakes is not done carefully. One the one hand, the clamps on the crossover tube are not large enough which makes it difficult during installation; therefore, one has to over-loose past the threads on one clamp and fight with it to get the clamp back together. On the other hand, the clamps are very large on the intake plumbing that goes into the stock system. As a result, a fair amount excess clamp is leftover on the plumbing.


S&B Air Intake

This air intake system has OEM grade fit and finish. It easily fits with the stock air box providing room for a large performance filter. The silicone’s elasticity allows a superior seal on the intake tube. The filter will not slide off the tube due to no oily residue. It has custom molded rubber inlet with a big radius to reduce the restriction of air as it enters intake box. Proper operation and painless installation is ensured due to billet machined MAF adapter plate. The unique silicone cuff allows tube to pass through air box which isolates vibration and engine movement while still providing a tight air seal.

As opposed to the aFe Magnum intake, customers have reported they can barely hear the sucking air sound at heavy throttle. They’ve also noted for best results that it should be coupled with a tune. In our opinion this is the case with any of the 3 air intake systems listed here. Or for that matter, any mod for a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 will perform best when coupled with a tune.

As for installation, the process of S&B Filters takes more time than one would expect. Therefore, one has to spend good amount of time on reading the instructions carefully and understanding them before proceeding to make sure they get it right.


Airaid Air Intake w/ Dry SynthaMax Filter

The Airaid intake has an open type air inlet with intake tubing made of polyethelene. The filter is housed by a partial enclosure. This air intake is the most economical of the three (at the time of writing), so if maximum power gains aren’t your concern, but you’d like to hear your turbo’s a bit more, this is the air intake for you.

Customer found the Airaid is easy to install, and it has an excellent throttle response; some have found that it improves gas mileage while others have noted that it barely makes a difference. Personally we don’t recommend by an air intake solely for the purpose of improving gas mileage. From my own experience and reading other’s experiences, I just don’t think there is solid enough evidence that they make a huge difference.

As for installation, the Airaid has been noted to be easy to install, Customers have also noted that it is quite noisy when the turbo is dumping, and the noise can be heard clearly in the cab of the truck, probably due to its partial enclosure design. To some this is an advantage, they want to hear the turbo noise, I certainly would. So if that’s something you like go for the Airaid or the aFe. If you want something quieter, you should opt for the S&B air intake.



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