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645,312 Ford F-150’s and Superduty’s sold in 2012

Ford had a great truck-sales year. With its revamped 2013 truck line-up. Which saw additional trim levels, upgraded sync/myfordtouch gear and a new color for the Raptor. This once again proves, that when it comes to pickup trucks Ford is king. The F-150 and Superduty’s are also the top sold vehicle in the US, for 31 years now and 36 years as the best selling pickup truck. Just to put this into perspective, that 645,312 number means a Ford Truck was sold every 49 seconds, up from 54 in 2011 and once every 60 seconds in 2010. In the info graphic (click it to enlarge) below you can get some more perspective. All the trucks put together would stretch from California to Georgia for a total of 2,421 miles!

ford f-series info graphic

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