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2015 Ford F-150 Wishlist

Thursday, May 16th 2013. | 2015 Ford F-150

Ford having shown us the Atlas concept at various autoshows, essentially giving us a sneak peek at what to expect from the 2015 F-150, I thought it’d be cool to compile a wishlist of features we’d like to see in the 2015 model. This list is a combination of features Ford has highlighted for its Atlas concept and things that I personally would like to see on Ford’s new truck.

2015 Ford F-150 Supercrew Harley Davidson

I am going to start with my favorite subject, engine options. Ford has told us that we can expect a next generation of its 3.5L V6 EcoBoost power plant  one feature they’ve revealed to us is start/stop technology. I like the idea of this, because why should I be burning gasoline when the engine isn’t doing any good to me? It’ll take some getting used to, the engine shutting off when not in use, but it makes sense. I think this and other goodies Ford will equip this engine with will be important as the MPG race between full-size trucks is most decidedly a very important battle these days.

F-150 EcoBoost Logo

Since we are talking about MPG’s Ford has highlighted a couple of areas they’d like to increase gas mileage. Most impressively, I think, is the fact that Ford is planning on shedding 700 pounds from the weight of its current F-150. I imagine they’ll be accomplishing this with high-strength lighter-weight steel, aluminum body panels and a lighter motor. Ford also showcased active shutters on its Atlas concept, this has already been done on the grille of vehicles by various manufacturers. But Ford may also be applying this to the wheels of its newest F150. At highway speeds we don’t use our brakes a whole lot, so it’d be just fine to make our wheels more aerodynamic, is Ford’s thinking here. I’ve heard claims as high as an additional 2mpg’s from these active shutters. Could we see a 2015 F-150 rated in the high 20’s for highway mileage? I wouldn’t rule it out.

2013 Ford Atlas Concept 031 Wheel with Active Shutters

Another possible efficiency option is Ford’s, new-to-America, 3.2 Liter 5 cylinder diesel engine, affectionately known as the baby Powerstroke. There have been no official reports of this going into the F-150, but it will be available in the Transit and I like many other blogs am speculating that it makes a whole lot of sense to offer it in the 2015 F-150 as well. With this engine we could finally see trucks approach and even exceed a 30mpg highway rating.

Ford 3.2 Powerstroke Diesel


Now let’s talk about V8’s! What do we want from the next generation of the 5.0 or the 6.2? I for one would like to see cylinder deactivation similar to what Ram and Chevy are doing. While were at it they might as well be direct injection just like the new EcoTec3’s from Chevy. This along with variable valve timing is a huge selling point for Chevy’s new engine and results in smooth and constant power delivery across the RPM range.

2013 Ford F-150 Lariat

Next, these engines are of course connected to a transmission… Again GM comes up. Because Ford and GM are working together at developing a 9- and 10-speed transmission. I predict we’ll see at least the 9-speed transmission in the 2015 F-150, I am thinking Ford will skip an 8-speed transmission altogether, either the 9 or 10-speed offer huge versatility as far as a low 1st gear to get loads moving off the line and a high overdrive to get maximum efficiency at highway speeds.

2013 Ford F-150 Lariat

Now lets take a look at practicality, the Atlas concept taunts us with all kinds of neat features, like a pop-up out of the tailgate and a cradle on the roof to hold objects longer than the truck-bed. I am thinking things like lumber, other building supplies, ladders, kayak’s and canoes. Another very neat feature was the Atlas showcasing a system that will park your trailer for you. This would be invaluable to anyone that needs to back their boat, camper, utility trailer, etc. into a tight spot. Got a new trailer, nervous about parking it? No problem. Need to have the new guy on construction site back up expensive equipment in a tight spot? Again, no problem!

2013 Ford Atlas Concept 038 Tailgate Pop Out


2013 Ford Atlas Concept 019

For my final wish? I want a 2nd gen Raptor. I would also like Ford to offer it with both the EcoBoost and a 6.2L V8 (or whatever Ford’s newest high-displacement V8 will be). With Ford actually entering an EcoBoost in the Baja 1000 I have been pining for one in a Raptor ever since. A new and improved 2015 F-150 should be a platform for an even better, faster and stronger Raptor than the current model.

Ford Raptor Ecoboost Baja 1000

So what’s on our wishlist?

  • Even more efficient EcoBoost engine
  • 3.2 Liter diesel option
  • More technologically advanced V8’s
  • 8- or 10-speed transmission
  • MPG’s through aero- and weight-improvements
  • Reach MPG of high 20’s or even low 30’s
  • The pop-up tailgate+roof-cradle from the Atlas
  • The trailer-parking-system from the Atlas
  • 2015 SVT Raptor


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