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2015 F-150 is the Most Aerodynamic Yet

Wednesday, August 27th 2014. | 2015 Ford F-150, News

Ford has more tricks up its sleeve besides the controversial switch to an aluminum body and an available 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6. They also looked to aerodynamics to increase efficiency, to gain miles per gallon over the previous generation. It’s hard to believe this admittedly bulky-appearing truck is more efficient than say a 2000 F-150 (10th generation 1997-2003), which was affectionately known as the jellybean F-150. But we are far more concerned with fuel efficiency these days and of course have more technological advances to our disposal. So the 2015’s rugged new looks are deceiving, but that’s a good thing. Below you can see, much like in a wind tunnel, how air flows around a 2015 F-150.

2015 Ford F-150: Toughest and Most Aerodynamic

2015 Ford F-150: Toughest and Most Aerodynamic

Here are some bullet points from a Ford infographic (shown below) that highlight what Ford engineers did to accomplish their most fuel efficient truck yet:

  • Outer portions of the vertical grille angled back; directing airflow across angled headlamps and down the gunwales.
  • Leading edge of the hood beveled to smooth airflow to windshield and roof.
  • Flush-mounted windshield eliminates need for molding that would disrupt smooth airflow
  • Tailgate top designed to act as a spoiler, giving air that flows off the roof a place to land before smoothly trailing off, reducing turbulence behind the truck
  • Cargo box is narrower than the cab to enhance airflow, while a trim piece prevents air from getting trapped between cab and box
  • Rear corners and taillamps angled to “break air off” cleanly, reducing turbulence behind the truck
  • Duct under the headlamp channeling air through to the wheel housing and reduces the wake generated from the wheel.
2015 Ford F-150 Aerodynamics Infographic

2015 Ford F-150 Aerodynamics Infographic

So, Ford has achieved a tougher looking truck, just as boxy as the previous generation, but has used all the aerodynamic tricks they have up their sleeve. Proving looks can be deceiving, by use of air ducts, a tailgate spoiler, smart trim pieces and a smart design.

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