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2013 Ford F-150 V6 Reclaims Title

Thursday, September 27th 2012. | 2013 Ford F-150, News

Narrowly on the heels of the release of the new Ram 1500 with its v6 and 8 speed transmission, Ford has upgraded its 2013 F-150 to beat the ram in towing, in a classic example of one-upping the competition. Either way the numbers are impressive for the 3.7 liter v6 powered Ford. The Ram comes in at 6,500 pounds and the Ford now comes in at 6,700 pounds. That is an increase over last years model of 600 pounds, it came in at a rating of 6,100 pounds.

The Ford, however, will not reclaim the mpg title in the v6 arena. The Ram benefits here from its new 8-speed transmission. But don’t forget that these Fords have been around much longer than the Ram and keep up very impressively and will still have no problem recommending a 3.7 liter v6 F-150.

We should also note that no automaker adheres to a generally accepted standard for calculating towing prowess, it is completely up to the manufacturer what they feel they can rate it at. Either way the ratings are impressive and you’ll have yourself a very capable v6 work truck!

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