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2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Sunday, December 30th 2012. | Reviews

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac can be best described as a combination of a mid-sized SUV with a pickup truck bed attached to the back. Ford could obviously see the potential of such a vehicle that provided the space and utility of a SUV and at the same time provided the loading space of a pickup truck. Introduced in the year 2000, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac experienced great sales figures even though there were competitors that sold similar “Sports Utility Trucks” as they were now called.

The 2010 model of the Sport Trac had some minor modifications from the previous model. The standard engine for the 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac was a 4.0 Liter V6 mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The output of the V6 was 210 horsepower which was, according to critics, not enough. There was, however, a more powerful 4.6 Liter V8 available that produced 292 horsepower and came with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Needless to say, theV8 had more towing power, which was in fact impressive by any standard. The V8 allowed the Sport Trac to tow over 7000 pounds. The Sport Trac also provided an option of its ControlTrac 4WD system along with the standard rear-wheel drive system.

The front SUV half of the 2010 model was based on the Explorer with a 4.5 foot cargo bed at the back. The interior of the 2010 Sport Trac was quite spacious and a comfortable place to be in. Moreover, the interior was well-stocked with features. The more luxurious trim-levels had features such as Ford’s infotainment system, heated leather seats, a great 6 CD audio system with a subwoofer and so on and so forth. Even the base model had complete power accessories, air conditioning, cruise-control and Sirius Satellite Radio.

The 2010 Sport Trac had an independent suspension and was more comfortable to drive than most of the other similar trucks out there at that time. It handled relatively better as well. Moreover, the Sport Trac performed well in the safety tests as well and was declared to be a safe car to be in in case a collision happened.

Unfortunately by 2009, the sales of the Sport Trac had diminished to an extent that Ford announced that it would cease production after 2011. However, by July 30th 2010, Ford announced the end of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac earlier than previously planned and thus the Ford Sport Trac’s last model was the one that came out in 2010.



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